March 28, 2017, New Delhi, India

All you SNIPERS out there, get ready for the ULTIMATE Battle!

CI Games have recently released a new gameplay video that showcases the CHALLENGE MODE, for their upcoming first-person tactical shooter game — Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.

In the open-world setting new to Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Side Ops are large side missions where players can move freely throughout the area, albeit avoiding enemies along the way. Watch the video to see  Side Ops mission in action with Challenge Mode added to it.

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The Challenge Mode is meant for the toughest snipers out there! It is an extremely high-difficulty “game mode” that has been developed for experienced players. The developers have created the gameplay in such a way that it makes your enemies better and stronger. Some of the interesting aspects of the Challenge Mode include increase in enemy perception, elimination of the heads-up display (HUD), and this one is the best: when recalled, drone tags simply disappear!

Essentially, this mode will test a player’s skill to the maximum. It’s give the feeling of being in a real battle zone where you need to actually fend for yourself and most importantly – STAY ALIVE!

An old military base with active payloads located in underground silos. A separatist attack in on the cards and their mission is to cut off the region from outside help. So, it’s left to the snipers to stop them. Does that sound interesting enough?

Tomasz Pruski, senior level designer at CI Games, shared his thoughts on the challenge mode as below:

“Challenge Mode is one of my favorite features in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, because of how much importance it places on the skills of the player rather than relying on the game for help. A good example is when using the drone. It will tag the enemies, but once called back, players will need to rely on their memory to remember where the enemies are located inside the outpost. Precisely aimed headshots are also required, since enemies are more heavily armored on their body.”

The bottomline is that the only way to “Stay Alive” in the Challenge Mode is by practicing the mastery of your weapons, stealth and strategies. This new mode definitely takes Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 as well as the future of first person shooter games to a new level altogether.

Here is peek into what the challenge mode is all about:

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