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April 19, 2017, New Delhi, India

Just when you thought, you were running out of ammo, you find this nice little “safe house” tucked in the middle of nowhere!

CI Games have recently released Screenshots of what the new Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 SAFE HOUSE really looks like.

Is the Safe House a hide out? Not really! Every soldier needs a safe place to rest, recuperate and gear up for his or her next mission. The safe house created by CI Games is where Jon North can catch a few winks, re-strategize, get a re-load or simply personalize his weapon selection. This is where you can choose from a wide variety of guns right from the Origin-12 shotgun by FosTech to the Snaiperskaya Vintovka Model 1998 or Stronskiy 98.

The Safe House has been created to provide certain comforts in the most hostile environs. This is where Jon North can sleep to a designated hour, choose equipment load outs, craft and purchase items, and begin missions.

There are several different safe houses left to be discovered in the northern part of the Republic of Georgia, and many of them contain new weapons or loot that would come in handy for the most elite sniper!

Once a player has discovered these safe houses, they can travel back to the locations as long as they are not in a designated mission area.

What all can a player lay their hands on in a safe house?


The Weapon Cache

The Weapon Cache is obviously the most important of them all and this is where a player can change his or her load outs. Players can purchase or equip themselves with primary weapons, secondary weapons, side-arms, gadgets, weapon skins and armors.

The Workbench

This is another interesting area. Here a player will be able to craft regular as well as special bullets, medkits, and gadgets using resources found in the world. There are five kinds of resources, each used in different proportions to craft different equipment such as special bullets, gadgets, and modify weapons and attachments.


The Currency

The currency in Sniper Ghost warrior 3 is called ‘Trading Goods’. Player can purchase almost everything available in game for it – starting off with grenades and medkits, and special weapons as well. The trading goods can be acquired through various actions during the gameplay like completing main story missions, finding collectibles, completing side operations, assassinating the most wanted targets, and helping civilians among others.


There are different types of special bullets that a player can choose from and they include:

  • Luring Bullet: This is a special bullet that can be used to lure enemies into desired spots without raising an alarm. Players can easily dispose of enemies without being seen by others. It can also lure enemies out from behind obstacles and into view.

  • Tagging Bullet: This is an extraordinary bullet that extracts a pulse, which can locate enemies through obstacles. It allows players to tag enemies in places where flying the drone would be too risky or would take too much time.

  • Armor Piercing: This bullet can be used to take out targets hiding in cover, behind thin walls, fences, and even metal. Nothing can stop these bullets. It’s very effective against armored vehicles.

  • EMP: These emit electromagnetic pulse, which disables vehicles and electronic devices within a small radius. A well-placed shot can ensure enemy reinforcements won’t arrive on the location. It can also help disable CCTV cameras, or lure enemies by frying a power generator.

  • Explosive Bullet: If you no longer care about stealth, then this is your bullet of choice for one-shot, one-kill sniping.

  • DARPA: These are experimental homing bullets that allow players to ignore wind and gravity, making these severe-condition shots much easier to execute.

Weapons Cache
Weapons Cache


Gadgets/combat gears are a large set of tools available through crafting or purchase that will help players execute their planned approach. These gadgets differ in their intended use, ranging from offensive FRAG grenades to defensive warning devices, but it’s ultimately up to players to choose how they’d want to use them.

  1. The C4 charge, typically an offensive item, can be planted as a diversion to make enemies leave their posts and investigate what’s happening while the player sneaks past them.

  2. The throwing knife can be used to silently take out enemies without expending valuable suppressor durability, but can also be a last-resort attack in case of a spent magazine.

  3. By choosing gadgets that best suit their style, players can greatly expand the variety of available tactics.

The player can modify weapons with currently unlocked attachments. New attachments, weapons and gadgets can be unlocked by completing missions, but can also be found distributed on outposts or out in the world. New attachments can be unlocked by accomplishing open-world activities such as saving civilians. Once unlocked, attachments can be purchased from the shop along with ammo, gadgets, med-kits and armor using the in-game currency.

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